Install Bookmarklet

What is Lightly bookmarklet?It lets you add web pages to Lightly from your favourite browsers.

Step 1: Bookmark this page

In Safari, tap the "Action" button at the bottom of the screen, the tap Bookmark, save the bookmark.

Tap Action in Safari Select Add Bookmark Select Add Bookmark

Step 2: Copy Bookmarklet

Select all text in following box and Copy it:

Step 3: Edit Bookmark

Tap the bookmarks button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Edit

Tap Edit, and then tap the bookmark you have just made.

Tap Edit Tap the bookmark to edit

Modify the bookmark URL by remove all URL string (it begins with "http:"), then tap the field and select "Paste". This will paste the bookmarklet you previously copied.

Select the URL and clear it. Paste the bookmarklet

Step 4: Use the Bookmark

Congratulation, your bookmarklet is ready!

Tap the bookmarklet when you want to add a page to Lightly.

Use the bookmarklet

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